The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Balancing Act/Marvelous Marbles
Balancing ActSally and Nick are trying to walk across a beam in their backyard, but are having trouble staying on it! Can the Cat help? Why of course! His friend Zappa the snow leopard is an amazing balancer! He uses his big wide feet and his long tail to help him keep his balance. Nick and Sally don't have tails, but they see how Zappa moves carefully to keep his weight balanced. Now they know what to do at home. Using broomsticks to help them stay balanced, Nick and Sally are able to cross the balance beam. And just in time to have some yummy bran berry muffins!Educational Objective: How a Snow Leopard balances.Marvelous MarblesThe kids are playing with glass marbles, until one of them rolls away! It was Nick's "extra luck never miss marble", now what is he going to do? Cat will take them to a sandy beach that's full of marbles! But when they get there, all they see is sand. Cat's friend Sharky McGee explains that sand makes glass. He shows them how sand is turned into glass and all the wonderful things you can make with it. Including marbles!Educational Objective: How glass is made from tiny particles of sand, into all sorts of useful items.
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