The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Step This Way/Anything You Can Do
Step This WayThe kids are playing dress-up, with Sally wearing her mom's shoes, and Nick wearing his dad's shoes. They're having trouble walking, and the Cat thinks it's because their feet are the wrong shape. But doesn't everyone have the same shaped feet? Not at all! The Cat takes them to the Jungle of Bingle-Bungle Boo to meet his friends Emily the teal, Mikey the lemur and Greg the Gecko. They see that animals have differently shaped feet to help them do different things! You need the right feet for the right job!Educational Objective: Creatures have different feet for different uses.Anything You Can DoNick and Sally are pretending to be The Cat in the Hat. But there's only one Cat, no doubt about that! Pretending to be other people is hard. The Cat takes Nick and Sally to meet his good friend Mimi the Mimic Octopus to learn some tips on how to pretend to be someone else. They learn how to observe, pick out something special about the person and then copy it. Mimi does it to protect herself, but now Nick and Sally can pretend to be the one and only Cat!Educational Objective: The mimic octopus has a remarkable ability to imitate other sea creatures.
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Monday, December 1 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM