Age of Delirium
Age of Delirium is the story of the fall of the Soviet Union as lived and experienced by the Soviet people. The film shows what it meant to construct an entire nation on the basis of a false idea and how truthful information led to the Soviet Union's rapid and unstoppable collapse. Produced by author David Satter, Age of Delirium is told in a unique manner by eyewitnesses. By recreating, through personal stories, the eerie reality of the Soviet Union it shows the consequences of the unprecedented Soviet attempt to remake human nature. The film describes the Brezhnev era, the influence of Gorbachev and perestroika, the tyranny of the KGB, and the August 1991 coup by communist hardliners, which led directly to the Soviet collapse. The film also tells the personal story of Alexander Shatravka, who crossed the Soviet-Finnish border only to be handed back by the Finns and tortured in a mental hospital and the young men of the city of Shadrinsk who believed in the Soviet ideology only to learn the reality of the Soviet system while fighting in Afghanistan. Other characters include Ludvikas Simutis, who fought for Lithuanian independence after the murder of his father by the Soviet secret police and Olexandra Ovdjuk, an elderly survivor of the horrific 1932-33 Ukrainian famine..The film is written and directed by David Satter in collaboration with Andrei Nekrasov. It based on the book by Satter, Age of Delirium: the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union.
Rating: -- Length: 1