Martha Speaks
Martha Gets Spooked/ Martha Changes Her Luck
Martha Gets Spooked Is someone fixing up the haunted house? If not, who ordered those flowers? Was it the ghost of Mrs. Parkington's Great-Aunt Martha? Whoever or whatever it was, Martha has to go in there to protect Helen, before it's too late!Vocabulary(E) eerie, explain, gullible, logical, impossible(I) creepy, ghost, haunted, unlikely, spookMartha Changes Her Luck Uh-oh. Martha walked under a ladder-and broke a mirror-so now she thinks she's jinxed. And she's worried her bad luck is rubbing off on everybody else. Helen tries to explain that all the accidents are just coincidence, but things just keep getting worse. Vocabulary(E) jinx, superstitious(ion), curse(d), coincidence, reason(I) luck, chance, accident, fluke, doomed
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