Curious George
Up, Up and Away/Skunked
Up, Up and Away: A tether, a basket, and a heap of hot air: George discovers that it takes all three for a balloon to score a successful lift-off. As Mrs. Renkins demonstrates how a hot-air balloon works, George and Bill bound into the basket and they soon find themselves accidentally airborne - alone! Will Mrs. Renkins and The Man with the Yellow Hat ever catch up with the flying duo? Not before George and Bill's windy flight path carries them on quite an adventure - and toward an array of feathered friends who land on their basket. And when one of the birds gets trapped in the balloon, it gives them the idea they need to help get them down to earth. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To show that wind/air can push things, that wind may have variable direction and speed, and that birds, and humans, use the power of the wind for movement. To demonstrate that hot-air balloons are wind-powered vehicles that may be controlled for altitude by changing the load weight (ballast), or heating/cooling the air inside the balloon. Skunked: There's a strange-looking cat eating George's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But wait, it's not a cat, it's a skunk! And George is fascinated. After trying and failing to make friends with the creature several times - and being subjected to multiple baths of tomato juice after repeatedly getting "skunked" - George is relieved to get back to the city and away from all of those smelly encounters. What he doesn't realize is that he and The Man inadvertently brought along their new "friend" in a picnic basket - and that one little skunk is about to wreak a whole lot of havoc in a certain apartment building. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To understand that all animals have needs for food, water, shelter, and a compatible habitat, and that all animals have characteristics and behaviors that aid in their survival. To demonstrate some specific characteristics and behaviors of one type of animal including their unique defense mechanism.
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