TV Schedule

Friday October 24

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6:00 AM Queen & Country
The Queen's Possessions 
7:00 AM Secrets of Scotland Yard
8:00 AM Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
8:30 AM Start Up
Cultured Club: Yotopia / Murfie 
9:00 AM Sit and Be Fit
Feel Your Best 
9:30 AM This Old House
Charlestown Project 2014 | A Bridge to Charlestown 
10:00 AM Ask This Old House
10:30 AM Mexico -- One Plate At A Time With Rick Bayless
11:00 AM Sesame Street
Cast Iron Cooks 
12:00 PM Curious George
For the Birds/Curious George-asaurus 
12:30 PM Curious George
Amazing Maze Race/The Color of Monkey 
1:00 PM Dinosaur Train
Stargazing on the Night Train/Get Into Nature! 
1:30 PM Dinosaur Train
Haunted Roundhouse/Big Pond Pumpkin Patch 
2:00 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Gets a Cold/Mom Tiger Is Sick 
2:30 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Neighbor Day 
3:00 PM WordGirl
Tobey's Tricks and Treats / Escape Wham 
3:30 PM WordGirl
Tobey or Consequences/High Fat Robbery 
4:00 PM Martha Speaks
Tomato, You Say/Martha Questions 
4:30 PM Martha Speaks
Martha's Millions/Carolina's Gifted 
5:00 PM Wild Kratts
Bass Class 
5:30 PM Wild Kratts
6:00 PM Dropping Back In
More Than A Statistic 
6:30 PM The McLaughlin Group
7:00 PM Moyers & Company
7:30 PM Northwest Now 606
New TSO Conductor 
8:00 PM Sherlock Holmes
The Bruce Partington Plans 
9:00 PM Inspector Morse
The Wench is Dead, part 2 
10:00 PM Queen & Country
Late Night
11:00 PM Secrets of Underground London
12:00 AM Charlie Rose
1:00 AM Sherlock Holmes
The Bruce Partington Plans 
2:00 AM Inspector Morse
The Wench is Dead, part 2 
3:00 AM The McLaughlin Group
3:30 AM Moyers & Company
4:00 AM Charlie Rose
5:00 AM The Woodwright's Shop
Viceless Devices 
5:30 AM Vintage Vehicle Show: Phantom Coaches
Phantom Coaches