TV Schedule

Thursday May 2

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6:00 AM European Journal
6:30 AM The Aviators
Cross Canada Century Flight 
7:00 AM NOVA | Australia's First 4 Billion Years
Life Explodes 
8:00 AM Nature
The Mystery of Eels 
9:00 AM Sit and Be Fit
Healthy Aging 
9:30 AM Expeditions With Patrick McMillan
10:00 AM Lidia's Italy in America
10:30 AM Simply Ming
11:00 AM Sesame Street
Great Vibrations 
12:00 PM Curious George
Up a Tree/Curious George and the Trash 
12:30 PM The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Flutter by Butterfly/Pretty in Pink 
1:00 PM Super Why!
Little Miss Muffet 
1:30 PM Dinosaur Train
The Theropod Club/Surprise Party 
2:00 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Plays Ball/O Builds a Tower 
2:30 PM Sid the Science Kid
The Reason Sid's Sneezin' 
3:00 PM The Electric Company
The Great Compromise 
3:30 PM Clifford the Big Red Dog
Doggie Garden/Captain Birdwell's Treasure 
4:00 PM FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
Ruff Pigs Out and Has a Whale of a Time 
4:30 PM Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks/Martha Gives Advice 
5:00 PM Arthur
Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain/Thanks a Lot, Binky 
5:30 PM Wild Kratts
Flight of the Pollinators 
6:00 PM Rick Steves' Europe
6:30 PM Aviators
7:00 PM NOVA | Australia's First 4 Billion Years
Life Explodes 
8:00 PM Alone in the Wilderness, Part 2
9:00 PM Frontline
The Retirement Gamble 
10:00 PM Northwest Now-Help Wanted: Workforce Development in Washington State
Help Wanted: The Workforce Development Effort 
10:30 PM High Bar, The
Adrian Hanuer 
Late Night
11:00 PM Charlie Rose
12:00 AM Scully/The World Show
12:30 AM To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe
1:00 AM NOVA | Australia's First 4 Billion Years
Life Explodes 
2:00 AM Alone in the Wilderness, Part 2
3:00 AM Frontline
The Retirement Gamble 
4:00 AM Charlie Rose
5:00 AM Rick Steves' Europe
5:30 AM Aviators