TV Schedule

Friday June 14

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6:00 AM Full Focus: Ruston
6:30 AM Northwest Now- Reshaping Tacoma: UWT 2013
Reshaping Tacoma: UWT 2013 
7:00 AM War Zone/Comfort Zone
8:00 AM Service: When Women Come Marching Home
9:00 AM Sit and Be Fit
Exercising With Accessories 
9:30 AM This Old House
Melting Pot 
10:00 AM This Old House
Cambridge 2012 | Hot Stuff 
10:30 AM New Scandinavian Cooking
11:00 AM Sesame Street
Sesame Street-O-Saurus 
12:00 PM Curious George
Curious George gets All Keyed Up/Gutter Monkey 
12:30 PM The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Flower Power/Snowman's Land 
1:00 PM Super Why!
1:30 PM Dinosaur Train
Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet!/Hornucopia 
2:00 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty/Daniel Goes to the Potty 
2:30 PM Sid the Science Kid
All My Senses 
3:00 PM The Electric Company
Wordball Games 
3:30 PM WordGirl
Theme Park Wham-Page / Chuck Makes a Buck 
4:00 PM FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
How to Really Train Your Dog 
4:30 PM Martha Speaks
Martha Sings/TD Makes the Band 
5:00 PM Arthur
Arthur Weighs In/The Law of the Jungle Gym 
5:30 PM Wild Kratts
Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens 
6:00 PM The McLaughlin Group
6:30 PM Impact, The 439
7:00 PM Moyers & Company
8:00 PM Sherlock Holmes
The Final Problem 
9:00 PM Inspector Morse
Ghost In The Machine, Part 1 
10:00 PM Anyone and Everyone
Late Night
11:00 PM Charlie Rose
12:00 AM Burt Bacharach's Best (My Music presents)
1:30 AM Omni Health Revolution with Tana Amen, RN & Daniel Amen, MD; The
3:00 AM Anyone and Everyone
4:00 AM Charlie Rose
5:00 AM Moyers & Company