TV Schedule

Thursday August 1

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6:00 AM European Journal
6:30 AM The Aviators
7:00 AM Secrets of the Dead
Bones of the Buddha 
8:00 AM Cave People of the Himalaya
9:00 AM Sit and Be Fit
Maintain Independence 
9:30 AM Expeditions With Patrick McMillan
10:00 AM Lidia's Italy in America
10:30 AM Simply Ming
11:00 AM Sesame Street
Lifting Snuffy 
12:00 PM Curious George
Amazing Maze Race/The Color of Monkey 
12:30 PM The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Tough Enough/How Cool is Coral 
1:00 PM Super Why!
The Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser 
1:30 PM Dinosaur Train
One Big Dinosaur/Play Date with Annie 
2:00 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Be a Vegetable Taster!/Daniel Tries a New Food 
2:30 PM Sid the Science Kid
A Rainbow Every Day! 
3:00 PM The Electric Company
3:30 PM Clifford the Big Red Dog
Best Paw Forward/Then Came Bob 
4:00 PM FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
Look What the Dog Dug Up! 
4:30 PM Martha Speaks
Bulldozer Versus Dinosaur!/Carolina Tackles Football 
5:00 PM Arthur
Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery/Strangers on a Train 
5:30 PM Wild Kratts
Race for the Hippo Disc 
6:00 PM Rick Steves' Europe
6:30 PM The Aviators
7:00 PM Cave People of the Himalaya
8:00 PM Secrets of the Dead
Bones of the Buddha 
9:00 PM 1962 Seattle World's Fair
10:00 PM Northwest Now- Ready To Learn/ Partnere In Tacoma's Hilltop Neighborhood
Ready To Learn/ Partners In Tacoma's Hilltop Neighborhood 
10:30 PM High Bar, The
Lewis Black 
Late Night
11:00 PM Charlie Rose
12:00 AM Scully/The World Show
12:30 AM To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe
1:00 AM Cave People of the Himalaya
2:00 AM Secrets of the Dead
Bones of the Buddha 
3:00 AM 1962 Seattle World's Fair
4:00 AM Charlie Rose
5:00 AM Rick Steves' Europe
5:30 AM The Aviators