TV Schedule

Friday August 8

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6:00 AM Chihuly Fire & Light
7:00 AM Secrets of the Tower of London
8:00 AM Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
8:30 AM Start Up
It looks good on you 
9:00 AM Sit and Be Fit
Coordination and Reaction Time 
9:30 AM This Old House
Arlington Italianate Project 2014 | Arlington Heights 
10:00 AM Ask This Old House
10:30 AM Mexico -- One Plate At A Time With Rick Bayless
11:00 AM Sesame Street
3 Cheers For Us 
12:00 PM Curious George
George Digs Worms/Everything Old Is New Again 
12:30 PM Curious George
George Buys a Kite/Train of Light 
1:00 PM Dinosaur Train
The Burrowers/Shiny's Sea Shells 
1:30 PM Dinosaur Train
Confuciusornis Says/Tiny's Tiny Doll 
2:00 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
A Trip to the Enchanted Garden/A Trip to the Crayon Factory 
2:30 PM Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Is Jealous/Jealousy at the Treehouse 
3:00 PM WordGirl
Kid Math, Part 1/Kid Math, Part 2 
3:30 PM WordGirl
A Few Words from WordGirl/Ears to You 
4:00 PM Martha Speaks
My Mother the Dog/Martha's Must-Have 
4:30 PM Martha Speaks
Thou Callest Me a Dog/Martha's Paper Chase 
5:00 PM Wild Kratts
Prairie Who? 
5:30 PM Wild Kratts
Rattlesnake Crystal 
6:00 PM Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick
J.D. Power Power 
6:30 PM The McLaughlin Group
7:00 PM Moyers & Company
7:30 PM Northwest Now- Skills USA
Skills USA 
8:00 PM Sherlock Holmes
The Second Stain 
9:00 PM Inspector Morse
Infernal Serpent, Part 2 
Late Night
12:00 AM Charlie Rose
1:00 AM Sherlock Holmes
The Second Stain 
2:00 AM Inspector Morse
Infernal Serpent, Part 2 
3:00 AM The McLaughlin Group
3:30 AM Moyers & Company
4:00 AM Charlie Rose
5:00 AM The Woodwright's Shop
Combination Planes 
5:30 AM Vintage Vehicle Show: Funari Collection
Funari Collection