PBS was founded on some core beliefs. In signing the Public Broadcasting Act, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed: It will be free, and it will be independent-and it will belong to all of our people.

At KBTC we are deeply committed to this philosophy and to the benefits that access to educational and inspirational content can provide to the community.

We’ve seen firsthand how PBS Kids content can inspire children to embrace science and math, how a documentary can bring people together to share perspectives and foster understanding, and how a Masterpiece drama can inspire us to learn more about history. And you've let us know how much you trust and value the programs we connect you to on KBTC.

And now we’re proud to connect you with PBS content online. We’ll let you know which of your favorite shows you can watch online or where to find them. Our emphais is to provide access to content that is free- we beleive in public media that is accessible to everyone, but occaionally you will find some paid content.

We believe in the public media model and are working to provide you with a clear pathway to quality educational media…from Masterpiece to NOVA and Nature to your favorite cooking and travel programs.  And if you find this service valuable, we just ask that you support it at a level you can afford.  So that we can continue to build on the promise of using the airwaves or the bandwith to enrich our minds and spirits and to provide that same opportunity to everyone.



The Miniaturist

The Durrells in Corfu



Downton Abbey


New Tricks




Antiques Roadshow

History Detectives

Finding Your Roots

The Vietnam War

American Experience: The Circus  (coming soon)

Secrets of the Dead: Iron Coffin (coming soon)



Amanpour and Co

Northwest Now

NHK World latest news

ASIA Insight


Nature: Wild France

Nature: Nature’s Perfect Partners

NOVA: The Origami Revolution


Full Episodes of Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves’ European Christmas

Rick Steves’ The Story of Fascism in Europe

Journeys in Japan


The Great British Baking Show

America’s Test Kitchen

Cook’s Country

Washington Grown