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Earthrise - Dec. 21

Apollo 8 was one of NASA's biggest gambles. Astronaut Bill Anders tells the story.

Snopes Founder - Dec. 14

The war against urban legends and fake news with Tacoma's David Mikkelson.

New Boeing Plane - Dec. 7

The push to land production on the NMA, or new mid-market airplane.

Finding Peace - Nov. 30

Working for peace in an era of increasing hate.

Rape Culture -Nov. 16

The dark side of American society exposed in media, politics, and the legal system.

Shorelines of Stone - Nov. 9

Beach armoring threatens the Sound's food web and the endangered species that rely on it.

Voter Turnout - Nov. 2

Ballot security, the state's role, and the country's toxic politics.

Election Roundtable - Oct 26

Taking a peek behind the curtain in the 2018 election.

I-1639 Gun Checks - Oct. 19

Tightening the laws governing the purchase and possession of semi-automatic rifles.

District 8 Race - Oct. 12

Dino Rossi and Kim Schrier battle for Washington's 8th Congressional District.

Taxes - Oct. 5

Voters consider a carbon fee, and banning local taxes on sugary drinks.

Police Accountability - Sept. 28

Is I-940 an important element of Police reform?

Race and Pedagogy 2018 - Sept. 21

The intersection of education and race with UPS' Dr. Dexter Gordon.

Chris Reykdal - Sept. 14

Funding Problems and teacher strikes with the state Superintendent of schools.

Knute Berger - May 18

Meet the journalist known as the "Mossback."

Freeway Wars - May 11

Seattle's past and future collide on the freeways.

Real Estate 2018 - April 27

A red hot market leading the nation, for now.

Project SPARC - April 20

African Americans - hard hit by homelessness.

Xavier Cooper - April 6

Tacoma's rising star in the NFL.

Vietnam - March 30

Still coming to grips with the Vietnam war, 50 years later.

School Shootings - March 23

Making our schools safe again.

Open Government 2018 - March 9

State lawmakers seek exemption from the Public Records Act.

Tacoma LNG PLant - March 2

Is PSE's controversial project a done deal?

Death Penalty - Feb. 23

Our discussion about the ultimate punishment.

Opioids - Feb. 16

The epidemic that just won't quit.

Millennial Problems - Feb. 9

A generation of whiners, or are the cards stacked against them?

White Privilege - Jan 26

Taking on a difficult topic.

Pierce Economy 2018 - Jan. 19

How long can the turnaround last?

Chinese Expulsion - Jan. 12

Teaching racial tolerance through art.