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Digital First 2017

Tacoma Buffalo Soldiers Museum

A look inside of the Tacoma Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Crazy Stan

A Western Washington man walks to raise money and awareness for rescue animals.

Homeless African Americans

A look at the disturbing trend that shows blacks have a higher homeless rate

Bates Technical College Homes For Homeless

Students of a Bates construction program build small houses for the homeless


What are some options for those in the military for finding civilian careers?

Asian Film Festival

A look at a unique South Sound community based movie festival

National Guard Menu

A look at a unique contest to help decide what those who are serving our country will eat

Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show

A peek at the biggest pinball and video game show in the Northwest


A look at programs that can help get more than a foot in the door for many young people.

Federal Way Performing Arts Center

A special look behind the scenes of a new preforming arts center for Federal Way

KBTC Spring Break 2017

A look at a special educational program provided by KBTC


Tacoma area high school students compete in an annual science competition.

Friday Book Club

A look at a unique book club that's been going for the better part of a century.

Festival of Sail

We ride along with a vintage schooner for the Tacoma Festival of Sail

Quixote Village

We take you to Olympia where a unique community is designed to keep people off the streets


Find out more about a special dance school designed for underprivileged children

Food Bank Volunteers

A look at those taking their own time to help others at a Tacoma food bank

ORAR Screening

A look at a screening for a KBTC documentary about a dark chapter in Tacoma history

Kindergarten Readiness

A look at how KBTC travels Western Washington to help children get ready for Kindergarten

Bite of Seattle

We take you to the 2017 Bite of Seattle with our broadcast partner NHK