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Full Focus

Welcome to the archive for Full Focus, a documentary program that aired for several years on KBTC. Producer-host Daniel Kopec was responsible for the bulk of the Full Focus programs with additional programs toward the end of the show's run produced by Forrest Burger and Tom Layson. Many Full Focus programs have not been converted to digital media for viewing on the Internet, but as time an resources allow, the goal is to make more programs available.

309 Might in Flight

Local military heroes

Local Legend

A look at the life of Fred Hutchinson and the cancer research center that bears his name.

Bridging The Narrows

The history of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

A Beautiful Life

Carol Decker - motivating others who are faced with similar physical challenges.

Portraits of Fallen Heroes

A profile of Michael Reagan, a professional artist painting fallen U.S. Service Members.

Atomic Bombshells

Behind the scenes of a burlesque performance.


An organization that helps families with the loss of a baby.

Project Comet

A look at a local team's restoration efforts of a De Havilland Comet 4C.


A man finds out that his biological father was killed in action in WWII.


Author Karen Pickett and others talk about Ruston's long and arduous history.

Glimmering Gone

Beth Lipman and Ingalena Klenell collaborate to develop a new exhibition for the museum.

Sketches of the Wild

A portrait of wildlife artist Becci Crowe who draws using a style known as Pointilism.

Fallen Hero

Full Focus remembers Lt. Col. Kevin Shea and how people are giving back to these heroes.

Walk Don't Run

Talking with members of The Ventures.

The 303rd

War veteran Mel Schulstad recalls the impossible odds in early days of World War II.

Sumi-e, the Art of Simplistic Elegance

Full Focus profiles three Puget Sound Sumi-e artists.


Reviewing the creation of the first handwritten bible in over 500 years.

Olympic National Park

Local author Ruth Kirk shares her insights on Olympic National Park.

Weathering the Storm

The Langley Hill Coastal Radar station is featured in this episode of Full Focus.


The impact and history of J.P. Patches in Western Washington.


Participants in a sister school program in Rwanda.


A profile of The Stellar Flute Company.

The Last Cowboy Painter

Exploring the life and art of local art icon Fred Oldfield.

Celebration! The Women Painters of Washington

Celebration! A traveling exhibition featuring the women painters of Washington.


Northwest artist Donald Fels and his compelling work.

Railroad Ties

Explore the Chehalis and Centralia depots in the history of Washington's twin cities.


Don McCune is remembered by local fans as "Captain Puget".