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KBTC's Weekly Public Affairs Show - Friday at 7:30pm

Northwest Now is KBTC's weekly public affairs television show hosted by veteran journalist Tom Layson. Now in its 15th season, Northwest Now takes a closer look at the issues and people who are part of Western Washington. 


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Northwest Now Host - Tom Layson 

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Tom Layson is KBTC's Managing Editor and worked in Yakima, Terre Haute, Louisville, Sacramento, Columbus, and New York-New Jersey. Tom anchored 13 hours of live coverage in the NY/NJ market during 9-11 - just one example of the many thousands of hours he’s been on set or in the field covering politics, natural disasters, courts and crime, economic development, personal finance and the environment over the past 38 years. Tom grew up in the Maple Valley area and is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University.

This Week at 7:30pm

Long Live the Kings

A discussion with the Executive Director of Long Live The Kings about their efforts to bring all stakeholders together to save steelhead salmon populations in our local waters.

Recently Aired

Long Live The Kings - July 12

Restoring the salmon of Puget Sound.

Racing Into The Past - July 5

Finding family in competition

The Casket Maker - June 29

A Vashon Island craftsman turns tragedy into a business.

Coming Up

July 12 | Long Live the Kings  A discussion with the Executive Director of Long Live The Kings about their efforts to bring all stakeholders together to save steelhead salmon populations in our local waters.


July 19 | Saving the Salmon  For thousands of years, local tribes have survived on the abundance of salmon in Western Washington, and for the past century, the rise of industrialization and population has lowered those numbers at an alarming rate. We meet with local tribal members and fish experts to discuss what's being done to help produce higher numbers of salmon in our waterways.


July 26 | Shorelines of Stone  Northwest Now takes a close look at how progress on the land is hurting the life in the waters of Puget Sound.


August 2 | Picking Up the Past  Northwest Now Host Tom Layson travels throughout Puget Sound to take a closer look at efforts to remove wood pilings coated with a harmful chemical that was placed over a century ago.

Northwest Now's 2023-24 Season

We Heart Seattle - May 17

A grassroots effort to clean up homeless camps around Seattle.

Outgoing Moderates- May 10

Deciding not to run.

Real Estate 2024 - April 26

Home prices remain high

Mind Matters: Suicide - April 12

A tragic crisis grows.

Dr. Paul Elliott-Cobbs - April, 5

Teaching life lessons through music.

Boeing In Trouble - March 29

A loss of money, market share, and trust.

Wa Na Wari -  March 22

Collecting black oral history.

Open Government 2024 - March 8

Your right to know in jeopardy.

Matt Driscoll - March 1

Our resident opinionator

Bring Them Home - Feb 23

The plight of deported veterans.

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs - Feb 16

Election security at the forefront.

Mind Matters: Alzheimer's Disease - Feb 9

Looking for breakthroughs

Pierce Economy 2024 - Jan 26

Navigating a moderate slowdown

Dr. Max Hunter- Jan 19

Speech is My Hammer

Searching For Peace - Jan 5

In a world gone mad

Office of Equity Director - Dec 29

Meet Megan Matthews

Brown & Haley - Dec 22

100 Years of Almond Roca!

Mind Matters: Loneliness - Dec 8

An American epidemic

Rising Traffic Deaths - Nov 25

Mayhem on the highways

New Poet Laureate 2023 - Nov 17

Meet Arianne True

Artificial Intelligence- Nov 3

A new beginning, or the beginning of the end?

Tacoma Dome 40th Anniversary - Oct 27

A landmark and cultural icon

Icicle Work Group- Oct 20

Saving salmon through cooperation

Breaking The Barriers - Oct 13

Physical barriers inhibit fish migration

Saving Downtown Seattle - Oct 6

Is Seattle's bottom behind us?

Childcare Crisis - Sep 29

Looking for solutions to a growing problem

First Time Home - Sep 22

The journey to reunite with family.

Mind Matters: Psilocybin Program - Sep 8

A trip to better mental health?

Washington Climate Crisis -Sep 1

Change in the Pacific Northwest.

Back To School 2023 - Aug 25

A "perfect storm" of challenges