KBTC’s new on-air and online short-form series of stories about the people, places and events in and our around our Western Washington community

Buffalo Soldiers

A ride along with a unique motorcycle club.

Debora Moore

A discussion with Debora Moore.

KBTC Profiles Ed Dominguez

Watch Ed's story here.

KBTC Profiles: Christoph Geibel

Christoph Geibel's Vietnam story

KBTC Profiels: Dan Diggs

Dan Diggs' Vietnam story

Patchwork Patriot

Meet Marj Woody

Alvin Nurse

Alvin Nurse shares his Vietnam story

KBTC Profiles: Christoph Pt. 2

Christoph Geibel's Vietnam story

KBTC Profiles: Dan Heid

Dan Heid's Vietnam story

KBTC Profiles: Lyle Quasim

Shares his Vietnam story.

KBTC Profiles: Joan & Don Pt 1

Sharing their war stories

KBTC Profiels: David Schmidt

David Schmidt's Vietnam story

KBTC Profiles: Job Carr Museum

A look at a piece of Tacoma's history

Don and Joan Part 2

Hear more

KBTC Profiles: Mary Ann Harris

Mary Ann Harris'. Vietnam story.