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Saving the Salmon

As salmon populations crash, local tribes fight for restoration.

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Saving the Salmon

Northwest Now has spent years providing in-depth coverage of the efforts to save the Northwest's native salmon runs.  If you want to learn more about the challenges facing salmon and what is being done to restore Puget Sound and the river systems that connect to it, this is the place to start.  


Read the NOAA Salmon Recovery Plan.

Shorelines of Stone

Beach armoring threatens the Sound's food web and the endangered species that rely on it.

Picking Up The Past

Creosote’s impact on water quality.

Making The Connections

Stormwater threatens Puget Sound.

Breaking The Barriers

Physical barriers inhibit fish migration

More to Watch

More on the story of salmon restoration in the Salish Sea from Northwest Now and Northwest Now Digital First. 

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Restoring the salmon of Puget Sound.

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Spring Chinook face extinction.

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A call for more immediate action to save the salmon.

Northwest NowProtecting Puget Sound

Saving Puget Sound from pollution and acidification.

Northwest Now Digital ExtraLong Live The Kings

Contributor Steve Kiggins spends time on local waters with Long Live The Kings.

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Dow Constantine discusses the county's Clean Water Healthy Habitat Program

Northwest Now Digital ExtraOcean Acidification

A look at the acidification of Puget Sound and the rest of the Pacific Ocean

Northwest Now Digital ExtraPicking Up The Past

Creosote’s impact on water quality

Northwest Now Digital FirstBaby Chinook Salmon Release

A community effort to help feed Resident Killer Whales.

Northwest Now Digital FirstEuropean Green Crab Invasion

The clock is ticking for efforts to control the invasive European Green Crab.

Northwest Now Digital FirstDuwamish River Community Coalition

A group using diversity and community to solve a serious pollution problem

Northwest Now Digital FirstDigital First Billy Frank Dedication

A wildlife refuge area is named after a legendary Nisqually tribal activist

Northwest Now Digital FirstOrca Task Force

A look at the Governor's Southern Resident Orca Task Force

Northwest Now Digital FirstRegional Treatment Facility

Tacoma's new sustainable way of disposing of street water before it hits the bay.

Northwest NowPuget Sound Cuts

President Trump's budget cuts and the health of Puget Sound.