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KBTC Race Matters

KBTC values diversity and equality. The murder of George Floyd by a police officer has sparked protests all over the country. Below are some programs, including Northwest Now where race, diversity and equality have been discussed.

Indian Boarding Schools

A legacy of pain

Indian Boarding Schools

A local man shares his family's story

Violence Against Asian Americans - Mar 26

An old problem re-emerges


A look at a local writing group for African Americans

Black History & Art

A look at a special exhibit coming to the Northwest and a local multimedia artist

Tacoma Totem Pole

Will a downtown Tacoma totem pole be removed?

Manny Ellis Update

Update on charges filed against Tacoma Officers

Manny Ellis - Nov 13

The case that has shaken Tacoma.

Seattle Unrest - Sept 18

A city on edge.


A look at race as we celebrate Junteenth

Tacoma Mayor Woodards Reacts To Alleged Police Brutality

Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards angry denounces suspected police brutality in her city


Indian Boarding Schools

A local man shares his family's story

Black History Month 2021 Feb 12

History in the context of a troubled today

Indian Boarding Schools

A legacy of pain

Race and Pedagogy 2018

The intersection of education and race with UPS' Dr. Dexter Gordon.

Finding Peace

Working for peace in an era of increasing hate.

Black History Month 2019: Civil Rights

The importance of history in the context of today.

Quintard Taylor

The black experience through the lens of history

Julianne Malveaux

She challenges the conventional wisdom.

White Privilege

Taking on a difficult topic.

Homeless African Americans

A look at the disturbing trend.

Black Panthers

Former members talk about the past and present of civil rights activism.

Black History Month - Black History in Tacoma

A generational look at the struggle for civil rights.

Race and Pedagogy - Sept. 2014

The Race and Pedagogy comes to Tacoma.

Discussing Ferguson

The issues surrounding the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri.

Remembering MLK

Where do we go from here?

Civic Summit

Local leaders work to address educational issues.

Project Peace

An effort to bring police, policy makers and the public together in Tacoma.

TPSD Superintendent Carla Santorno

We sit down with Tacoma Public Schools Superintendent Carla Santorno.

UPS President

UPS President

A discussion with New University of Puget Sound President Isiah Crawford

Of Race and reconciliation

A look at the 1885 Tacoma Chinese expulsion

Police Accountability

Is I-940 an important element of Police reform?

Norm Stamper on Police Reform

Seattle's former top cop on police reform.


Asian Hall of Fame

Using Influence to End Hate

Kinsey African American Art & History Collection

Hundreds of years of African American history comes to Tacoma.

Juneteenth 2021

A look at the status of racial equality on the week of Juneteenth.


We take you to the Northwest African American Museum.

Homeless African Americans

A look at the disturbing trend that shows blacks have a higher homeless rate

Tacoma Buffalo Soldiers Museum

A look inside of the Tacoma Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Stonewall 50th Anniversary

Chris Anderson has this look at the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

Digital First Billy Frank Dedication

A wildlife refuge area is named after a legendary Nisqually tribal activist

Lyle Quasim Profile

A discussion with Lyle Quasim, and all he's done for the community he loves.

The Peace Bus

A ride along in a vehicle powered by peace and charity.

Tacoma Latino Town Hall

A wrap around look at a town hall aimed at Tacoma's fastest growing population.